UX Strategy SystemS Architect

I specialize in Enterprise Software (SaaS) by bringing a customer-first approach to e2e CXD.




+ Modernized and rearchitected and the advertising tools platform as best in class an internal platform.

+ Facilitated design reviews from multiple customer stakeholders to ensure and validate product success.

+ Empowered developer autonomy and sprint output from clear practical solutions from collaborative UX design guidance. 






+ PRFAQ – UX Lead on a high-impact internal confidential platform where the UI had to solve customer problems beyond scale.

+ Successfully validated POC UX/UI new feature improvements from customer feedback and data-driven decisions on a fast pace team.

+ Influenced future UX design (OP1) initiatives to help save millions of dollars from missed customer opportunities.






+ Lead UX responsible for shipping the high-profile feature known as Fans Signals to visually represent unique intuitive analytics for customers to quickly be informed.

+ Shipped the Fans Signals, a proprietary, intuitive UI technology, which classified consumers into sentiment segments through the lens of loyalty and shifting loyalty.

+ Facilitated Design Thinking from customer feedback interviews, competitive/gap analysis, and LTV analytics to uncover product opportunities and new feature priorities to influence the roadmap.

+ Certified Scrum Master — Simplified complex product features into manageable delivery sprint stories to help the team stay focused.

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+ Helped the company pivot by designing and architected (IA) a new platform from the ground up which successfully shipped in a year for enterprise-class software for scale.

+ Shipped UX solutions that helped contributed to raisin 15 million in new VC funding as a new SAAS platform.

+ Art directed a new Design System (UI Kit), and drove UX/UI decisions to be on par with top SaaS applications.

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WINDOWS (XDR) TEAM – Experience Design Research

+ Lead UX for the first public release for the Windows App Store publishing on boarding platform.

+ Lead UX for the first public release Windows App Analytics platform and contributed innovative ideas to help improve the product.

+ Lead UX for Windows Live slide-show showcased at company meeting; UX spanned across the first mobile form factors.

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Geoff was the sole designer on a product that helped us manage our Vendor relationships. He was asked to deliver several features, but also took ownership over user research and suggested additional user delight features. He was responsible for every aspect of the design and prototyping for testing, and presented his work to leaders in design and product. His storytelling—visual and verbal—was important to aligning stakeholders on his solutions. He earned a lot of trust with his product partners.”

Becky Scott – UX Design Manager


“Geoff reported to me (both directly and then indirectly) as part of our product team at Apptentive. He was a very talented UX designer, passionate about addressing users needs and eager to iterate amongst a variety of approaches to identify the best way to solve a particular problem. I was really impressed with Geoff’s energy and creativity– he had an infectious love of the creative build process.”

Mike Saffitz – CTO


“Geoffrey is a very talented senior UX designer and would be a huge asset to any company, especially those with a focus on enterprise products. At BitTitan, Geoffrey helped our product UI evolve from “amateurish” to professional / on-par with top SaaS solutions. Geoffrey’s key strength is creation of new UX concepts and high-level look-and-feel experience for enterprise products.”

Dominic Pouzin – CTO

Studio Deluxe

“Geoff is a great web producer for my graphic design studio. I can always trust that he’ll take charge of our projects and expertly lead the development team so I don’t have to worry about it. I rely on his technical advice and capabilities. All the projects we have collaborated on have been executed flawlessly and on budget. We craft our often complicated designs and Geoff implements them pixel perfect for the web.”

Linda Warren – Principal


Redefining SoFTWARE collaboration

Hello, I’m passionate about UX to help companies grow and define their futures. Do you need someone who takes a customer-first approach, understands business goals and how to advance them with great design?
By thinking beyond the ordinary, I produce visionary ideas that can make your product a game changer… that’s my mission.

My Process