FAN SIGNALS – New Innovation

Could Fan Signals be an NPS-Killer and disrupt SaaS NPS industry?
The ROI from this unique data and from customer feedback proved to be more desirable and valuable (customer retention, LTV and churn prediction modeling) than Net Promotor Score (NPS).

Fan Signals — MVP

The Love Dialog started with a simple question “Do you love our brand?” – query that generated an 80% response rate. Based on how a consumer answers, they will redirect to another type of feedback interaction (survey, message center, ratings R&R, etc.), which captures even more VOC feedback.

Customers wanted to see the volume of responses and were confused about how the Love Ratio was calculated since the chart represented a single bar. This is where my design journey begins –  working with Apptentive’s Love Dialog flagship product as the Lead UX Designer.

I spearheaded the first POC customer interview to validate the design and gauge the customer interest. I conceptualized and iterated on a variety of histogram chart designs and landed on a Pos. / Neg. bar chart, which best represented a binary question. This design solution helped to visually solve the volume issue and showed how responses were trending. This was a pretty good improvement. I created an InVision prototype and shared the screen with our customers to discuss product value and if we should green light the feature.

Collaborating close with customers, data scientist, and dev we discovered how consumers answered the Love Dialog over time from mining the data deeper. The insights started show and classify consumers into cohort segments known as Fan Signals (New Fans, Switched Fans, and Repeat Fans). The dev was able to expose an API for, then I created a public view using real customer data for interviews.

From inception to productization, the team was able to ship Fan Signals to all customers as a feature flipper. The POC from sales interviews received positive feedback as a new up-sell revenue stream.


Fan Signals Dashboard
The vision dashboard represents a future where the summary cards and the line chart shows customer segments through the lens of loyalty and shifting loyalty broken down into sentiment segments known as Fan Signals.

Insights Dashboard
The vision was to augment Fan Signal data with other data to give customers insights into meaningful relationships from messages (open feedback) and surveys.

PROBLEM — The analytics dashboards lacked all visual charts (cubed analysis) available due to budgeting constraints. Part of Customer Driven Innovation process is to get real customer validation before the team builds a slew of new chart analytics.

CHALLENGE — We needed the ability to show enterprise customers the deeper data insights, instead of sending a large JSON dump or excel file without any UI.

SOLUTION — I partnered with a data scientist in creating a flexible template that can be tailored for any customer. This unique solution was created in PowerPoint (instead of Excel or Word) then the document can be linked to an excel data connector while keeping the visualization.

The tailored reports were designed to reveal deeper insights into how customers feel about the brand. Each Cohort segment can be easily swapped with another customer ID.

RESULTS — The reports received great praise as they made it to the C-Suite and with continuous improvements the 20+ page reports ended up closing 50K+ deals.