Customer Driven Innovation (CDI)

What does it mean to be customer obsessed? After innovating at a customer-centric company that captures VOC feedback at scale, I’ve honed a few new tricks. My short answer is understanding customer needs based on a deep empathy and providing solutions to improve people’s lives. Do you need someone who takes a customer-first approach, understands business goals, and how to advance them with great design? By thinking beyond the ordinary, I produce visionary ideas that can make your product a game changer… that’s my mission.

Experience Maturity
When UX is empowered to influence product decisions by listening to internal/external customer opinions, then translate those voices visually back to the business. High-performance teams are customer focused and are enabled to prioritize the roadmap from an informative customer-centric POV.

Customer Synthesis
Build customer relationships and loyalty by conducting 30-minute interviews to validate small features quickly. Nothing beats talking to your target audience. The insight you get is priceless, and no amount of quantitative data will let you reach the same level of understanding.

Customer Advisory Board (CAB)
I’ve presented high-level product features through UX storytelling to enterprise customers to ensure product success. This open forum enabled customers familiar with the product to voice their opinions on what qualities are most important to them.

Customer Insights
I prefer to use several SaaS feedback tools better to observe customer behaviors, frustrations, and usage patterns. I’ve created sophisticated queries/funnels to gain deeper insights into the customer journey to help inform product decisions.

UX Agile Methodologies
Recently I was certified as a ScrumMaster™ to facilitate better and increased efficiency for a fast-paced software-focused agile team. My process simplifies overly complex feature initiatives into manageable delivery sprints that provide business/customer value throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Featured Product (DD) Process
My process starts with the customer and works back to the business. As my workflow diagram shows, I like working within the double-diamond design process to allow the team to get to a product quorum faster.

Design Thinking Methodologies
To be a product expert requires understanding what customers want and not what we think they want. My UX aims to build experience features that help the customer and the bottom line.